2014-15 Master Schedule
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DayTimeSport Opponent
225:00PMVolleyball @ Indiana University-South Bend
 Early Bird Tournament
227:15PMVolleyball @ Lawrence Technological University
 Early Bird Tournament
239:30AMVolleyball @ University of Michigan-Dearborn
 Early Bird Tournament
2311:45AMVolleyball @ Madonna University
 Early Bird Tournament
262:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Ohio Valley College
264:00PMVolleyball vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University
264:30PMMen's Soccer vs. Ohio Valley College
3012:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Clarke University
 Crimson Wave Tournament
307:00PMMen's Soccer @ Indiana Institute of Technology
3110:00AMWomen's Soccer @ St. Mary-of-the-Woods College
 Crimson Wave Tournament
311:00PMMen's Soccer @ University of Saint Francis
37:00PMVolleyball @ College of Mount St. Joseph
46:00PMVolleyball vs. University of Northwestern Ohio
 Alumni Weekend
55:00PMVolleyball vs. University of Rio Grande
 Alumni Weekend
55:30PMWomen's Soccer @ Asbury University
57:30PMMen's Soccer @ Asbury University
610:00AMVolleyball vs. Kentucky Christian University
 Alumni Weekend
61:00PMVolleyball vs. Montreat College
 Alumni Weekend
62:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Milligan College
7 Men's GolfDye Intercollegiate (Day One)
8 Men's GolfDye Intercollegiate (Day Two)
106:00PMVolleyball vs. Lindsey Wilson
126:00PMWomen's Cross Country16th Annual Shawnee State Invitational
127:15PMMen's Cross Country16th Annual Shawnee State Invitational
132:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of the Cumberlands
134:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of the Cumberlands
137:00PMVolleyball @ Campbellsville University
167:00PMVolleyball @ St. Catharine College
19 Women's Cross CountryTowson Invitational
195:00PMVolleyball vs. Cumberland Univ.
20 Men's Cross Country28th Annual Winthrop Invitational
201:00PMVolleyball @ Cedarville University
211:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Cumberland Univ.
213:00PMMen's Soccer @ Cumberland Univ.
23 Women's Soccer @ Lindsey Wilson
237:00PMMen's Soccer @ Lindsey Wilson
246:00PMVolleyball vs. University of Pikeville
268:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Cincinnati Christian University
277:00PMMen's Soccer @ Lee University
29 Men's GolfUniv. of Pikeville Invitational (Day One)
30 Men's GolfUniv. of Pikeville Invitational (Day Two)
307:00PMVolleyball @ Georgetown College
22:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Georgetown College
24:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Georgetown College
3 Men's Cross Country60th Annual All-Ohio Championship
3 Women's Cross Country60th Annual All-Ohio Championship
37:00PMVolleyball @ University of the Cumberlands
46:00PMMen's Soccer @ Cedarville University
53:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Ursuline College
67:00PMVolleyball vs. St. Catharine College
82:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Rio Grande
84:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Rio Grande
107:00PMVolleyball @ Union College
 Bob Evans Classic
11 Men's Cross CountryNAIA Preview
11 Men's GolfCougars Classic
11 Women's Cross CountryNAIA Preview
1111:00AMVolleyball @ Ohio Christian University
 Bob Evans Classic
111:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Ohio Christian University
 Kick for Crohn's Game
111:00PMVolleyball @ Mount Vernon Nazarene University
 Bob Evans Classic
113:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Point Park University
 Kick for Crohn's Game
113:00PMVolleyball @ University of Rio Grande
 Bob Evans Classic
13 Men's GolfMid-South Fall Tournament (Day One)
14 Men's GolfMid-South Fall Tournament (Day Two)
144:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Bluefield College
147:00PMVolleyball @ Indiana University East
167:00PMVolleyball vs. Campbellsville University
17 Men's Cross Country#JennaStrong Fall Classic
17 Women's Cross Country#JennaStrong Fall Classic
177:00PMVolleyball @ Lindsey Wilson
183:00PMVolleyball @ Cumberland Univ.
186:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Campbellsville University
188:00PMMen's Soccer @ Campbellsville University
214:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Bluefield College
214:30PMVolleyball vs. Ohio Christian University
216:00PMVolleyball @ Ohio Christian University
217:30PMVolleyball vs. West Virginia Institute of Technology
224:00PMMen's Soccer vs. University of Pikeville
243:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Kentucky Christian University
245:00PMMen's Soccer @ Kentucky Christian University
25 Men's Cross CountryGreat Lakes Challenge
25 Women's Cross CountryGreat Lakes Challenge
251:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. University of Pikeville
287:00PMVolleyball @ University of Pikeville
111:00AMBaseball @ Fisher College
12:00PMWomen's Soccer @ St. Catharine College
13:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Kent State University at Tuscarawas
14:00PMMen's Soccer @ St. Catharine College
15:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Kent State University at Tuscarawas
46:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University
57:00PMVolleyball vs. Georgetown College
71:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Georgetown College
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
76:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Calumet College of St. Joseph
 Georgetown College Tournament
77:00PMVolleyball vs. University of the Cumberlands
 Senior Night
810:15AMMen's Cross CountryMid-South Championship
811:15AMWomen's Cross CountryMid-South Championship
82:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Brescia University
 Georgetown College Tournament
83:00PMMen's Soccer @ St. Catharine College
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
83:00PMMen's Basketball @ University of Northwestern Ohio
117:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Mount Vernon Nazarene University
131:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Lindsey Wilson
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
136:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Pikeville
138:00PMMen's Basketball @ University of Pikeville
142:00PMVolleyball vs. University of the Cumberlands
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
154:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of the Cumberlands
156:00PMMen's Basketball @ University of the Cumberlands
206:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Lindsey Wilson
208:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Lindsey Wilson
22 Men's Cross Country59th Annual NAIA National Championship
22 Women's Cross Country59th Annual NAIA National Championship
222:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Cumberland Univ.
224:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Cumberland Univ.
257:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Davis & Elkins College
287:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Thomas More College
 Julie Costello Memorial Classic
292:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Otterbein University
 Julie Costello Memorial Classic
304:00PMMen's Basketball @ Alice Lloyd College
36:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of Rio Grande
38:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of Rio Grande
46:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Ohio Christian University
64:00PMMen's Basketball @ Life University
107:00PMMen's Basketball vs. West Virginia Wesleyan
167:00PMMen's Basketball @ Taylor University
206:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Webber International
 Daytona Beach Shootout
214:00PMMen's Basketball @ Indiana Institute of Technology
216:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Doane College
 Daytona Beach Shootout
296:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Auburn University Montgomery
 Auburn-Montgomery Classic
301:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Faulkner University
 Auburn-Montgomery Classic
77:00PMMen's Basketball @ West Virginia Institute of Technology
86:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Maranatha Baptist Bible College
 Ohio Christian Classic
96:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Ohio University-Lancaster
 Ohio Christian Classic
136:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Kentucky Christian University
156:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Georgetown College
158:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Georgetown College
226:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. St. Catharine College
228:00PMMen's Basketball vs. St. Catharine College
242:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Campbellsville University
244:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Campbellsville University
296:00PMWomen's Basketball @ University of Rio Grande
298:00PMMen's Basketball @ University of Rio Grande
312:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Georgetown College
314:00PMMen's Basketball @ Georgetown College
58:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Life UniversityLive Stats
6 Baseball @ Milligan College
6Game 2Baseball @ Milligan College
7 Baseball @ Milligan College
7Game 2Baseball @ Milligan College
74:00PMMen's Basketball vs. West Virginia Institute of TechnologyLive Stats
127:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Cumberland Univ.
129:00PMMen's Basketball @ Cumberland Univ.
13 Baseball @ Madonna University
 Bryan College Invitational
13Game 2Baseball @ Madonna University
14 Baseball @ Cornerstone University
 Bryan College Invitational
14Game 2Baseball @ Cornerstone University
143:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Lindsey Wilson
145:00PMMen's Basketball @ Lindsey Wilson
196:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
198:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of the CumberlandsLive Stats
211:00PMBaseball @ Union College
21Game 2Baseball @ Union College
212:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. University of PikevilleLive Stats
214:00PMMen's Basketball vs. University of PikevilleLive Stats
2212:00PMBaseball @ Union College
22Game 2Baseball @ Union College
233:00PMSoftball @ University of Rio Grande
23Game 2Softball @ University of Rio Grande
242:00PMBaseball vs. University of Rio Grande
266:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Campbellsville University
268:00PMMen's Basketball @ Campbellsville University
2810:00AMBaseball vs. Fisher College
2812:30PMBaseball @ Indiana Institute of Technology
282:00PMSoftball vs. Fisher College
28Game 2Softball vs. Fisher College
282:00PMWomen's Basketball @ St. Catharine College
283:30PMBaseball vs. Indiana Institute of Technology
284:00PMMen's Basketball @ St. Catharine College
112:00PMSoftball vs. Fisher College
1Game 2Softball vs. Fisher College
12:00PMBaseball vs. Fisher College
32:00PMBaseball @ University of Rio Grande
53:00PMSoftball vs. University of Rio Grande
5Game 2Softball vs. University of Rio Grande
6 Baseball @ Martin Methodist
7 Baseball @ Martin Methodist
7Game 2Baseball @ Martin Methodist
73:00PMSoftball vs. Ohio Christian University
7Game 2Softball vs. Ohio Christian University
1012:00PMBaseball vs. Huntington University
10Game 2Baseball vs. Huntington University
103:00PMSoftball @ West Virginia Institute of Technology
10Game 2Softball @ West Virginia Institute of Technology
1112:00PMBaseball vs. Point Park University
11Game 2Baseball vs. Point Park University
13 Baseball @ St. Catharine College
14 Baseball @ St. Catharine College
14Game 2Baseball @ St. Catharine College
173:00PMBaseball vs. West Virginia Institute of Technology
17Game 2Baseball vs. West Virginia Institute of Technology
20 Men's GolfDay 1 - Shawnee State Invitational
20Game 2Softball @ Cumberland Univ.
201:00PMBaseball @ University of Pikeville
201:00PMSoftball @ Cumberland Univ.
21 Men's GolfDay 2 - Shawnee State Invitational
21Game 2Softball @ Cumberland Univ.
2111:00AMSoftball @ Cumberland Univ.
2112:00PMBaseball @ University of Pikeville
21Game 2Baseball @ University of Pikeville
2112:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. University of Pikeville
24Game 2Baseball @ Bluefield College
243:00PMSoftball vs. University of Pikeville
24Game 2Softball vs. University of Pikeville
244:00PMBaseball @ Bluefield College
27 Softball vs. Campbellsville University
27Game 2Softball vs. Campbellsville University
272:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. University of the Cumberlands
274:00PMBaseball vs. Cumberland Univ.
28 Softball vs. Campbellsville University
28Game 2Softball vs. Campbellsville University
2812:00PMBaseball vs. Cumberland Univ.
28Game 2Baseball vs. Cumberland Univ.
282:30PMWomen's Tennis @ Campbellsville University
291:00PMWomen's Tennis @ Lindsey Wilson
30 Men's GolfDay 1 - Mid-South Spring Tournament
301:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. Cumberland Univ.
31 Men's GolfDay 2 - Mid-South Spring Tournament
313:00PMBaseball vs. University of Rio Grande
313:00PMSoftball @ Georgetown College
31Game 2Softball @ Georgetown College
13:00PMBaseball @ Kentucky State University
13:30PMWomen's Tennis @ Georgetown College
2 Men's GolfDay 1 - Capitol Univ. Purple and White Invitational
2 Men's GolfDay 2 - Capitol Univ. Purple and White Invitational
3 Softball vs. University of the Cumberlands
3Game 2Softball vs. University of the Cumberlands
34:00PMBaseball vs. University of the Cumberlands
4 Softball vs. University of the Cumberlands
4Game 2Softball vs. University of the Cumberlands
412:00PMBaseball vs. University of the Cumberlands
4Game 2Baseball vs. University of the Cumberlands
612:30PMWomen's Tennis vs. Central State University
63:00PMWomen's Tennis vs. St. Catharine College
73:00PMSoftball @ University of Pikeville
7Game 2Softball @ University of Pikeville
8 Women's Tennis @ Central State University
81:00PMBaseball @ West Virginia Institute of Technology
8Game 2Baseball @ West Virginia Institute of Technology
10 Men's GolfOhio Univ.-Chillicothe Invitational
103:00PMSoftball @ Lindsey Wilson
10Game 2Softball @ Lindsey Wilson
104:00PMBaseball vs. Campbellsville University
1111:00AMSoftball @ Lindsey Wilson
11Game 2Softball @ Lindsey Wilson
1112:00PMBaseball vs. Campbellsville University
11Game 2Baseball vs. Campbellsville University
13 Men's GolfDay 1 - Georgetown Invitational
133:00PMSoftball @ Ohio Christian University
13Game 2Softball @ Ohio Christian University
14 Men's GolfDay 2 - Georgetown Invitational
143:00PMBaseball @ University of Rio Grande
143:00PMSoftball vs. Georgetown College
14Game 2Softball vs. Georgetown College
154:00PMBaseball @ Ohio University-Lancaster
173:00PMSoftball vs. St. Catharine College
17Game 2Softball vs. St. Catharine College
176:00PMBaseball @ Georgetown College
1812:00PMSoftball vs. St. Catharine College
18Game 2Softball vs. St. Catharine College
181:00PMBaseball @ Georgetown College
18Game 2Baseball @ Georgetown College
19 Men's GolfDay 1 - Mid-South Conference Championship
20 Men's GolfDay 2 - Mid-South Conference Championship
21 Men's GolfDay 3 - Mid-South Conference Championship
213:00PMBaseball vs. Bluefield College
21Game 2Baseball vs. Bluefield College
244:00PMBaseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
2512:00PMBaseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
25Game 2Baseball vs. Lindsey Wilson
26 Softball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
27 Softball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
28 Softball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
3 Baseball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
4 Baseball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
5 Baseball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament
6 Baseball vs. TBA
 Mid-South Conference Tournament