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Women's Tennis - Sun, Apr. 7, 2013

LEBANON, Tenn. – Running up against its first of several nationally-ranked teams that it will meet this season, tennis was unable to come up with a victory on the road against No. 16 Cumberland University. The Bears (3-3, 3-3 MSC) now sit at the .500 mark both overall and in the conference during the spring season.

In doubles, the Bears' No. 2 pairing of Ashley Fischer and Ashley O'Neill were the only duo that was able to pick up a game before they eventually fell 8-1. At No. 1 and No. 3, Cumberland took both of these matches by finals of 8-0.

Singles did not go much better for SSU as Fischer (No. 3) and Kayla Wiley (No. 5) were the only players able to take an individual game. After falling 6-0 in the opening set, Fischer took a game in the second before falling 6-1. Wiley took her game in the opening set before falling 6-0 in the second. At Nos. 1, 2, 4 and 6, the Bulldogs did not drop a game as they won all four of those matches 6-0, 6-0.

SSU's road trip will see the team make a stop in Georgetown on Monday at 2 p.m. The Tigers are receiving votes in the latest NAIA Poll.

Full Results
No. 16 Cumberland Univ. 9, Shawnee State 0

1: Angelica Sepulveda (CU) def. Kyra Keeton (SSU), 6-0, 6-0
2: Alena Gizdić (CU) def. Ashley O'Neill (SSU), 6-0, 6-0
3: Antea Dedić (CU) def. Ashley Fischer (SSU), 6-0, 6-1
4: Anita Rácz (CU) def. Shelbie Wulfekamp (SSU), 6-0, 6-0
5: Tais Lacerda Bezerra (CU) def. Kayla Wiley (SSU), 6-1, 6-0
6: Abby Wilson (CU) def. Megan Dunham (SSU), 6-0, 6-0

1: Angelica Sepulveda/Antea Dedić (CU) def. Kyra Keeton/Kayla Wiley (SSU), 8-0
2: Alena Gizdić/Anita Rácz (CU) def. Ashley Fischer/Ashley O'Neill (SSU), 8-1
3: Tais Lacerda Bezerra/Abby Wilson (CU) def. Aubrey Johnson/Abbi Morrow (SSU), 8-0