Hall of Fame

Shawnee State University Athletic Hall of Fame

Categories and Criteria for Membership

Inductees into the Shawnee State Athletic Hall of Fame must satisfy the following criteria:

Section A.  Student-Athlete

  1. Eligible for induction five (5) years after final intercollegiate athletic participation.
  2. Minimum qualification of one or more of the following: all-conference selection, special conference award recipient, NAIA statistical leader, Shawnee State single season and/or career statistical leader, NAIA national award recipient or other accomplishment
  3. Must have participated in an intercollegiate program as a junior or senior.
  4. Must exemplify the academics and community standards of Shawnee State University.
  5. No more than three (3) individuals may be inducted in this category each year.

Section B.  Coach/Administrator/Staff

  1. Eligible for induction five (5) years after departure from university or have been at the university for at least 15 years.
  2. Must have coached or administrated for at least three (3) years.
  3. It is not mandatory that anyone be inducted in this category each year.

Section C.  Special Category

  1. Upon recommendation from the Director of Athletics, eligible immediately due to special circumstances as approved by the Hall of Fame Committee.
  2. Minimum qualification: must have made significant contribution to the athletics department, team or specific event.

  Hall of Fame Members

Class of 2000
Amy Cole-McGuire (Softball)
Kim Danner (Women's Basketball)
Robin Hagen-Smith (Women's Basketball Coach)
Harry Weinbrecht (Administrator)
Brian Williams (Men's Basketball)
Tracy Williams-Riehl (Women's Basketball)

Class of 2001
Bryan Dyer (Men's Basketball)
Travis Merry (Men's Basketball)
Randall Pennington (Men's Basketball)
Jenni Wessel (Women's Basketball)

Class of 2002
Aaron Duncan (Baseball)
Molly Linville-Schultz (Women's Basketball)
Jeff Suter (Men's Soccer)

Class of 2003
Tony Brown (Golf)
Leah Fickell (Softball)
Kim White (Softball)

Class of 2004
Kari Koehn (Softball)
Roger Merb (Golf Coach)
Lanny Rice (Golf)

Class of 2005
Matt Ashkettle (Baseball)
Ralph Cole (Softball Coach)
Erica Hayes (Women's Basketball)

Class of 2006
Brandi Baker (Women's Basketball)
Crystal Pickelsimer (Softball)

Class of 2007
Carrie Brisker-Purcell (Women's Basketball)
Jayson Pratt (Baseball)
Kirk Ruggles (Men's Basketball)
Gregg Smith (Women's Basketball Assistant Coach)

Class of 2008
Brian Harrison (Baseball)
Bryan Sturgell (Golf)
Renee Walls-Davis (Women's Basketball, Softball)

Class of 2009
1999 Women's Basketball National Championship Team

Class of 2010
Tiffany Clayton (Women's Basketball)
John Williams (Men's Cross Country)

Class of 2011
Brandy Orsborne-Fyffe (Softball)

Class of 2012
Brandi Munn (Women's Basketball)

Class of 2013
Adam Davenport (Men's Basketball)
Dan Grummitt (Baseball)
Becky Holden (Women's Basketball, Softball, Tennis, Cross Country, Soccer)
Sarah Koehler (Women's Soccer)

Class of 2014
Rebecca Day (Volleyball)
Lisa Davies (Women's Cross Country)
Star Emmert (Women's Cross Country)

Class of 2015
Gonzalo Perez-Beck (Men's Soccer)
Heather Schilling (Women's Basketball)

Class of 2016
Becky Babione (Women's Basketball)
Terrence Davison (Men's Basketball)
Brandi Rose (Softball, Women's Basketball)
Jim Arnzen (Athletic Director, Men's Basketball Coach)

Ralph Kavanaugh Home Team Award

Ralph Kavanaugh ('05)
WNXT: Roger Gray and Dale Hamilton ('08)
Eugene Collins ('10)
Skip Hickman ('12)
John Koustomer ('13)
Bill Rockwell ('14)
Ryan Boggs ('15)