Mission Statement:

The Intramural Sports program is designed to encourage students to participate in organized sport activities. These activities promote participation and socialization between groups and individuals, enhance physical fitness, and foster a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship among participants and spectators.

Core Values:

Fun: At the core of the Intramurals Program, there is a desire to provide participants with enjoyable programming in a positive, inviting environment.

Honesty: In order to maintain high standards throughout the Intramurals Program, we strive to uphold a culture of integrity, trust, fairness, responsibility, and accountability.

Respect: Sportsmanship is a focal point of the Intramurals Program; treating others with respect is not up for debate. Remember, in the end, we are all Bears.

Professionalism: All intramural activity should be conducted in an organized, upstanding manner so that it can be a source of pride for all those involved.

Passion: Individuals participating in intramurals, whether a player or an official, should approach their role with positive energy and enthusiasm.

Community: The Intramurals Program is intended to promote lasting relationships and camaraderie at Shawnee State University.

In order to participate in the activities above students will have to fill out rosters, emergency cards, and waivers provided at the link below. Each team or individual winner will receive a championship t-shirt.

Schedules of games, notice of special events, and announcements are posted on the Intramurals page of our athletic website.

For additional information, contact:
Jeff Nickel, Intramural Coordinator
Phone: (740) 351-3271


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