Recruiting Me

Thank you for your interest in Shawnee State University! We are very excited about the future of our athletic programs. 

As a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, the Mid-South Conference, and consistent with Shawnee State University's mission, it is the mission of the Department of Athletics to encourage participation in intercollegiate athletics by offering a variety of competitive opportunities and recruiting student athletes with the potential to be successful both academically and athletically.

The athletics department ensures that intercollegiate athletics is an educational activity.  It also encourages the development of sportsmanship and positive social attitudes in all participants as well as active participation in campus and university life.  We continue our commitment to developing and maintaining a positive image for both the athletics department and the University and to provide equitable opportunities for male and female student athletes.

Shawnee State is a Division I NAIA school that competes in the Mid-South Conference (MSC), the NAIA premier NAIA league nationally.  Shawnee State sponsors 17 intercollegiate teams that are part of the NAIA.

Located in historic Portsmouth, Ohio, Shawnee State's beautiful campus is nestled along the banks of the Ohio River.  SSU has an extensive list of academic majors and fields for students to pursue their degree.  

Eligibility Requirements

A Shawnee State University student-athlete must meet both the NAIA eligibility requirements as well as the Shawnee State requirements for athletic participation. The official NAIA Handbook can be found at and be reviewed with the athletic director or faculty athletic representative.

  1. An entering freshman student must be a graduate of an accredited high schol or accepted as a regular student, in good standing, by the enrolling institution.
  2. A first-time entering freshman must meet two of the three entry level requirements:
    1. A score of 18 on the ACT of 860 on the SAT; and/or,
    2. An overall high school grade point average of 2.00 on a 4.00 scale; and/or
    3. Graduating in the top half of the student's high school graduation class.

Those students not meeting at least two of the three standards shall be denied athletic participation at a member institution the first full year the students is in college.

Note: Equivalency scores and/or conversion tables are used for GED students and international students.

Academic Eligibility Requirements for Continued Participation for Students

NAIA eligibility requirements can be found at Click on NAIA legislative services and the NAIA Constitution, Casebook, and Bylaws.

Important information:

  1. You must maintain 12 semester hours during all semesters of competition.
  2. A minimum of 24 semester hours must be passed during your last two semesters of full-time (12 hours or more) attendance.
  3. Withdrawals are counted in determining your terms of attendance.
  4. Repeating classes you previously passed does not count toward the 24-hour rule or total hours required.
  5. Summer semester does not count as a term of attendance.  

Student-athletes interested in athletics at Shawnee State University please complete the Recruiting link on the sport you are interested in.