NAIA Hall of Fame
Kim White

NAIA Player of the Year
1997: Kim White

NAIA All-Americans
2001: Brandy Orsborne (second team)
2000: Crystal Pickelsimer (second team)
1999: Crystal Pickelsimer (first team)
1998: Kari Koehn (second team)
1997: Missy Lawson (first team), Kari Koehn (first team), Kim White (first team)
1996: Brandy Rose (first team), Kim White (first team), Tiffany Shanks-Moore (second team)
1995: Renee Walls (first team), Kim White (first team)
1994: Kim White (second team)

Coach of the Year
Ralph Cole

2010: Ralph Cole

1998: Ralph Cole
1996: Ralph Cole
1995: Ralph Cole
1994: Ralph Cole
1993: Ralph Cole
1992: Ralph Cole

Conference Player of the Year
Brandy Orsborne
2000: Crystal Pickelsimer

1998: Kari Koehn
1997: Kim White
1996: Kim White
1995: Kim White
1994: Kim White

Conference Pitcher of the Year
2007: Lori Harmon

Conference Freshman of the Year
2011: Kirsti Yates

2006: Lori Harmon

1998: Shelly Claxon

All-Conference Team
Allie Chapman (First Team), Hannah Dittoe (Second Team)
2014: Abbey Barrett (second team), Allie Chapman (second team), Hannah Dittoe (second team)
2013: Allie Chapman (first team), Holly Brabson (second team), Hannah Dittoe (second team), Ericka Leighty (second team), Ali Thompson (second team), Kirsti Yates (second team)
2012: Katy Bender (first team), Ali Thompson (first team), Kirsti Yates (first team), Ericka Leighty (second team)
2011: Kirsti Yates (first team), Sam Attinger (honorable mention), Abbey Barrett (honorable mention), Ericka Leighty (honorable mention), Ali Thompson (honorable mention)

2010: Abbey Barrett (first team), Katie Daniel (first team), Ericka Leighty (second team), Ali Thompson (second team), Brooke Baker (honorable mention), Jazel DeAutremont (honorable mention)
2009: Emily Fuhrmann (second team), Ashley Speas (second team), Cassie Erlenwein (honorable mention), Lori Harmon (honorable mention)
2008: Lauren Ellis (first team), Emily Fuhrmann (first team), Lori Harmon (first team), Katie Wade (first team), Katie Daniel (second team), Tammie Jo Coleman (honorable mention)
2007: Lori Harmon (first team), Ashley Keen (first team), Ashley Adkins (second team), Emily Fuhrmann (second team), Tammie Jo Coleman (honorable mention), Ali Hull (honorable mention)
2006: Ashley Adkins (first team), Emily Fuhrmann (first team), Lori Harmon (first team), Tammie Jo Coleman (second team), Katie Wade (second team), Ali Hull (honorable mention)
2005: Britney Bayless (first team), Kristi Barka (second team), Rhonda Sacks (second team), Katie Wade (honorable mention), Tara Walker (honorable mention)
2003: Keri Bennett (honorable mention), Katie Gunnoe (honorable mention), Nikki Moore (honorable mention), Rhonda Sacks (honorable mention), Sarah Streeter (honorable mention)
2002: Carrie Kyne (first team), Kristie Coleman (honorable mention), Megan Felts (honorable mention)
2001: Erica Brickey (first team), Brandy Orsborne (first team), Kristen Grahmam (honorable mention), Carrie Kyne (honorable mention), Ashley Rawson (honorable mention)
2000: Crystal Pickelsimer (first team), Mindy Wolever (first team), Rachel Chandler (honorable mention), Brandy Orsborne (Honorable Mention)
1999: Jackie Hawk (first team), Crystal Pickelsimer (first team), Jessica Moore (second team), Brandy Orsborne (second team), Becky Holden (honorable mention)

1998: Jackie Hawk (first team), Kari Koehn (first team), Shelly Claxon (second team), Jessica Moore (second team), Crystal Pickelsimer (second team)
1997: Leah Fickel (first team), Kari Koehn (first team), Crystal Pickelsimer (first team), Kim White (first team), Missy Lawson (second team)
1996: Marie Chapman (first team), Amy Evans (first team), Tiffany Moore (first team), Brandi Rose (first team), Renee Walls (first team), Kim White (first team), Leah Fickel (second team), Kari Koehn (second team), Missy Lawson (second team), Keri Davidson (honorable mention)
1995: Leah Fickell (first team), Brandi Rose (first team), Renee Walls (first team), Kim White (first team), Kari Koehn (second team), Amy Evans (honorable mention), Missy Lawson (honorable mention)
1994: Brandi Rose (first team), Judy Shupert (first team), Jill Walters (first team), Kim White (first team)
1993: Michele Caudill (first team), Tiffany Gorby (first team), Lisa Lane (first team), Tiffany Moore (first team), Amy McGuire (second team), Judy Shupert (second team)
1992: Lisa Lane (first team), Amy McGuire (first team), Michelle Caudill (honorable mention), Vicki Howard (honorable mention), Teresa Lewis (honorable mention), Tammy Mullins (honorable mention), Tiffany Moore (honorable mention), Judy Shupert (honorable mention), Jill Walters (honorable mention)

AMC All-Conference Freshman Team
2010: Abbey Barrett
2006: Lori Harmon
2005: Katie Wade
2001: Erica Brickey

NAIA Region IX Team
2007: Lori Harmon
2006: Ashley Adkins, Lori Harmon
2005: Britney Bayless

NAIA Scholar Athletes
2015: Allie Chapman
2014: Allie Chapman, Kelsey Jenkins
2013: Ericka Leighty, Ali Thompson
2012: Ericka Leighty, Ali Thompson
2010: Katie Daniel
2009: Katie Daniel, Lori Harmon
2008: Lori Harmon, Ali Hull-Keeton
2007: Ali Hull
2005: Rhonda Sacks
2004: Keri Bennett, Rhonda Sacks, Kat van den Broek
2003: Keri Bennett
2001: Brandy Orsborne
2000: Brandy Orsborne
1997: Marie Chapman, Jessica Hardy, Kari Koehn
1996: Leah Fickell, Tiffany Moore
1994: Judy Shupert

MSC Scholar Athletes
Allie Chapman, Kelsey Jenkins, Miranda Melvin, Miranda Pauley, Jenna Crawford
2014: Allie Chapman, Kelsey Jenkins
2013: Allie Chapman, Brytan Givens, Kelsey Jenkins, Ericka Leighty, Ali Thompson
2012: Allie Chapman, Brittany Ellis, Ericka Leighty, Nikki Nance, Ali Thompson, Kirsti Yates
2011: Jazel DeAutremont, Ericka Leighty, Ali Thompson

AMC Scholar-Athletes
2010: Katie Daniel
2009: Katie Daniel, Lori Harmon
2008: Lori Harmon, Ali Hull-Keaton
2007: Ali Hull
2005: Rhonda Sacks
2004: Keri Bennett, Rhonda Sacks, Kat van den Broek
2003: Keri Bennett
2001: Brandy Orsborne
2000: Brandy Orsborne

MOC Scholar-Athletes
1997: Marie Chapman, Jessica Hardy, Kari Koehn
1996: Leah Fickell, Tiffany Moore
1994: Judy Shupert

NAIA Player of the Week
Kim White (4/26/94, 4/11/95, 4/16/96, 3/31/97, 5/5/97)

NAIA Pitcher of the Week
Kim White (4/5/94)

MSC Player of the Week
Brooke Baker (3/21/11)
Abbey Barrett (3/24/14)

MSC Pitcher of the Week
Allie Chapman (4/23/12, 4/1/13, 4/8/13, 4/7/14 & 4/20/15)
Ali Thompson (4/18/11, 3/12/12 & 3/19/12)

AMC Player of the Week
Lori Harmon (3/17/08)
Crystal Pickelsimer (4/11/99)
Katie Wade (3/17/08)

AMC Pitcher of the Week
Ericka Brickey (4/29/01 & 5/6/01)
Katie Daniel (3/22/10, 4/19/10 & 4/26/10)
Lori Harmon (4/9/06)
Jackie Hawk (4/25/99 & 5/9/99)

MOC Player of the Week
Kari Koehn (4/20/98)
Tiffany Moore (5/7/96)
Jill Walters (5/4/92)
Kim White (4/26/94, 4/11/95, 5/9/95, 3/26/96, 3/31/97, 4/16/96, 4/30/96, 4/21/97, 4/28/97, 5/5/97)

MOC Pitcher of the Week
Leah Fickell (5/3/94, 3/28/95, 4/18/95, 5/9/95, 4/21/97, 5/5/97)
Teresa Lewis (4/13/92)
Jessica Moore (4/6/98)
Kim White (4/5/94, 4/12/94, 5/10/94, 4/4/95, 4/9/96, 4/23/96, 5/7/96)